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What an incredible book

The Darkest Hour is a must read. As you turn the initial pages you are drawn in by a simple sentence that reads: ‘In a cold dark depths of space, an ancient evil stirs from its slumber’. This hook leads you to the Prologue that immediately stirs a desire to continue on into the story and join the characters on their perilous journey to fight evil. The characters cleverly intertwine with each other throughout the story. The plot twists and turns leaving you second guessing what will happen next. 

The Darkest Hour is cleverly written as it draws on your emotions which are felt as you shadow each character on their journey. The plot has twists and unexpected turns that left me with bated breath, tears and a smile. 

High-intensity YA fantasy ablaze with magic, conflict and high-stakes hazards.

Throughout, the intensity of Phae’s story journey never lets up […] Overall, though, this is a gripping read, driven by snappy dialogue and a sense of adventure.

A flight of fantasy

From the moment I started to read, to the moment I finished I was transported to a rich world full of believable characters. Whilst fantasy is full of cliches, I found each typical cliche twisted in a new light to make it far more entertaining than some other fantasy I have read. The undertones in the book show the author is a progressive thinker and it was a true pleasure to read this. The book leaves me wanting more of the characters introduced… always a win.

As you start to turn the pages of this novel, time vanishes!

You will soon become whisked away on a hard wrought journey alongside the young Phae, to the point that you loose track of all else around you. For me this meant reading right through dinner, strictly and straight into the evening! While reading you can truly imagine the situations as they unfold in your minds eye. Developing such an empathy for the plight of the Callum, Aaron, Lena and Phae. 

To which I must add, I thoroughly love the character of Aaron, with quick wit of situations, not to mention how his depth of friendship. While Phae bears such a weight on her shoulders and feels such an outcast, you can’t help but feel for her and understand, at least a part, of her struggles.
This is a must read.

Fast-paced and a page-turner

I have been very fortunate to get my hands on a copy of this early and read 100 pages before looking up, totally bewildered by where the time had gone. I’ve also read the trilogy set in this universe with the same characters (note: what I like about this is you can read this if you’re new to the author’s books).

I love the pacing of the book – it reminds me in ways Raymond. E Feist goes through stories – and I feel it genuinely suits the narrative: you’re on a chase; it’s fast and events happen fast. M J Ryder didn’t fall into the trap of overly setting the scene, and the brisk pace to me was welcome – I burned through the book and left it feeling satisfied, yet at the same time wanting more; I really hope to see the prequel to this in a re-write.

Perfect for fantasy addicts who want a book to take them through the night

Weave of characters expertly portrayed

I cannot read novels with long chapters, so this book was ideal. Each chapter long enough to weave in the characters but short enough to keep the interest going. I found myself picturing this fantasy story and imagining the characters playing as if I was watching a film.

Can’t wait to read further novels and short stories by this author

Very easy to read and great writing style

I was given this book as a gift at Christmas and wasn’t sure what to expect but I have to say it was a great read, I even finished it in one sitting. Full of action and adventure I really enjoyed it

Really interesting characters and storytelling

A captivating read that pulls you in from the start and leaves you waiting to see what else the author comes up with next. Fast-paced and intriguing, the darkest hour is an exciting addition to the genre.

A fast-paced adventure

I really enjoyed reading this book; from beginning to end the booked was fast paced and full of action. You are quickly transported to a magical realm with a story packed full of twists and turns. I was fortunate enough to read the trilogy set in this universe with the same characters, which added to an already rich and expansive universe. I really hope there is more to come from this highly enjoyable series.

Brilliant page-turner

I came across a poster for this and decided to get it on a whim and boy was I glad I did! This story is awesome. The action is fast-paced with characters that are easy to root for. Looking forward to what this author does next.